Please be aware that a domain needs to reside with Enetica before you can purchase URL forwarding for it. If it does not, you can transfer the domain to Enetica using the following URL:

URL forwarding, sometimes known as domain forwarding or URL cloaking, lets you point your domain to your existing website without spending lots more on hosting. For example, if you registered the domain name, you make point to another URL - say, one hosted with your ISP - or even a free hosting service such as geocities.

The advantage of this, is that you can get rid of your long URL address, such as:

and replace it with your own brand without spending a cent on web hosting. With our unique URL management facility, you can specify where to point your domain as well as providing a title and META tags for search engines. Our system is totally invisible to your visitors, we do not place any advertising on your web site. The URL forwarding features are accessible from the domain 'manage' menu.

Even if you have your website hosted, our Premium URL Forwarding package will give you up to 10 different sub domains. 

For example, if your domain was, you could have subdomains like,, etc.