The best way to check the status of a transfer is to perform a WHOIS lookup on your domain. This can be done here .

If the status is OK and the registrar hasn't changed: The transfer authorisation email which was sent to the registrant contact has not been responded to; or we are awaiting payment.

If the status is pending transfer: The transfer request has been successful and the domain will be completely transferred 48 hours from initiation. 

If the registrant email address is no longer valid or you don't have access to it you will need to contact the current registrar in order to have it updated.

You must then have the authorisation email re-sent once the registrant email address has been updated.
To do this please email

If the domain does not appear in WHOIS at all, there is a chance that the domain has expired and has been deleted by the existing registrar. Contact support on 1300 720 043 for more details if required.